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Re: lang/nodejs builds, works fine with python 39

* On 2021-08-04 at 20:02 BST, Louis Guillaume wrote:

Do you think something like this might be workable? It appears to DTRT on my systems, although it does require both versions of python if the PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT isn't "27" (and PKG_OPTIONS.node has "dtrace"). Keeps unwanted builds of python27 away!

I'd rather not. Are you 100% certain that the python2 script is only ever used when building with the dtrace option?

Just for context I've had to fix this a number of times in the past when others have tried to remove the python27 dependency, which has wasted my time and caused build breakages for users, so I'm particularly sensitive regarding this issue.

It's not a runtime dependency, and so the risk of breaking the build far outweighs the small advantage for people who build from source in my opinion. I'd honestly rather see effort put into just fixing the script in question and submitting a python3 compatible version upstream if it's something people care about - that way everyone wins.

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