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[cdrtools package] Consider updating to schilytools

> Upstream has recently integrated cdrtools into the larger schilytools project.
> There have not been any separate cdrtools releases since 2018, but the
> project is still being updated in the schilytools upstream.  Please consider
> switching to the new upstream to receive updates.
> Yours,  
> Robert Clausecker

Is schilytools or anything schily* in pkgsrc including wip?

I just looked, there was nothing schily* in pkgsrc, but there was in FreeBSD ports:

 ls -d /BETA1/usr/ports/*/schily*
/BETA1/usr/ports/devel/schilybase     /BETA1/usr/ports/misc/schilytools     /BETA1/usr/ports/sysutils/schilyutils


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