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Re: antlr 2.x in pkgsrc?

Mayuresh <> writes:

> I noticed wip/antlr. Is it still wip or ripe enough to be considered for
> pkgsrc?

I looked at it for 30s and it is obviously not ready:
   There's a lot of commented out code in the Makefile
   There is a non-empty TODO
   pkglint has a warning

So if you care about it you are welcome to work on it.

> antlr 2.x is still widely used and will be nice to have in pkgsrc. I'd
> request for it to be in pkgsrc.

The DESCR of wip/antlr does not have a second paragraph explaining if it
is old but maintained, old and unmaintained, or ?

From a 2-minute look of the situation in pkgsr and wip, I do not
understand the antlr world at all.

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