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Raise the GCC_REQD on lang/nodejs?

In Makefile.common:

GCC_REQD+=		4.9.4

This simply can't be the case. The GCC on my system is 5.5 and it failed to build lang/nodejs and I'm sure it's because the compiler is too old so it doesn't support the gnu++14 lang/nodejs expects. I have another machine which the GCC is 8.4 and it has no problem build lang/nodejs.

It seems the maintainer set the lowest GCC version according to this:

But this can't be the case. My GCC is 5.5 so according to this it should have no problem with gnu++14, the fact is it failed to build lang/nodejs.

I wonder if the maintainer confused between C++14 and C++17? Could it be gnu++17 so my GCC 5.5 failed?

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