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pkgsrc-2021Q2 branch announcement

The pkgsrc developers are proud to announce the 71st quarterly release
of pkgsrc, the cross-platform packaging system.  pkgsrc is available
with more than 26,000 packages, running on 23 separate platforms; more
information on pkgsrc itself is available at

In total, 210 packages were added, 103 packages were removed, and 2458
package updates (to 1900 unique packages) were processed since the
pkgsrc-2021Q1 release.  Updates include 419 Python packages, 207 Ruby
packages, 169 Haskell packages, 108 perl5 packages, and 83 R packages.

As always, many packages have been brought up to date relative to
upstream.  For the 2021Q2 release we welcome the following
notable packages additions and changes to the pkgsrc collection:

 - cmake 3.20.4
 - Firefox 78.11.0 (as an ESR), 88.0.1
 - Go 1.15.13, 1.16.6
 - LibreOffice
 - LXQt 0.17
 - MariaDB 10.4.18, 10.5.10
 - Node.js 12.22.1, 14.17.0
 - openblas 0.3.15
 - PHP 7.3.28, 7.4.20, 8.0.7
 - PostgreSQL 9.6.22, 10.17, 11.12, 12.7, 13.3
 - Python 3.8.10, 3.9.5
 - qemu 6.0.0
 - qgis 3.16.7
 - Rust 1.52.1
 - spotify-qt 3.6
 - SQLite 3.35.5
 - Syncthing 1.15.1
 - TeXLive 2021
 - Thunderbird 78.10.00
 - tor
 - Tor Browser 10.0.18
 - vlc-3.0.14
 - WebKitGTK 2.32.1

This branch we say notable goodbyes to:

 - a bunch of go packages, used only for building other departed packages
 - gcc48, gcc49, gcc5
 - postgresql95
 - ruby25

Changes to the pkgsrc infrastructure and notes:

 - Added PKGSRC_BLAS_TYPES which can be set to netlib or certain
   optimized variants, which causes many programs that need a BLAS
   implementation to use the specified one.
 - fftw (-long and -quad variants added, fftwf merged into fftw, more
   parallelization options, explicit SIMD support)
 - github submodule support was added.
 - Note that Firefox, Thunderbird and likely other packages with
   difficult dependencies do not build on NetBSD 8 and other systems
   with non-recent compilers.  Users who wish to run these programs
   are advised to update to NetBSD 9 or newer versions of other
   operating systems.

Instructions on using the binary package manager can be found at, and pkgsrc itself can be retrieved from via CVS or
tar file, and also from a mirror at
See for instructions.
The branch name for the 2021Q2 branch is "pkgsrc-2021Q2".

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