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Re: Firefox won't start, fresh build and installation

> You wrote:

> > I get

> > [Parent 4530, Main Thread] WARNING: failed to open shm: Not supported: file /pkgsrc/www/firefox/work10.amd64/firefox-88.0.1/ipc/chromium/src/base/
> > [1]   Segmentation fault      /usr/pkg/lib/firefox/firefox "${@}"

> Is /var/shm mounted? It needs to be for Posix shared memory to work:

> $ fgrep /var/shm /etc/fstab
> tmpfs   /var/shm   tmpfs   rw,-m1777,-sram%25
> $


> Is shm mounted at /dev/shm? The behavior you describe is what you get when the /dev/shm mount is missing.

> Benny (Siegert)

I don't see any /dev/shm on my system.  Benny, did you mean /var/shm ?

I fixed /etc/fstab for the /tmpfs /var/shm line , and, without rebooting, did
mount_tmpfs tmpfs /var/shm .

That enabled Firefox to start but leaves me curious how Seamonkey could run without this fix.

That fix also enabled www/vimb to start (looks interesting with useful features but carries a learning curve), enabled www/midori to access web pages.

Qutebrowser couldn't do anything because of an insecure, outdated qt5-qtwebkit (as close as I can remember the name).


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