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Re: Adding /proc check to rc.d/smbd

> >> > Samba doesn't even build on some platforms, a python tool that is
> >> > part of the build system just hangs.
> >> 
> >> Do you know which tool?
> >There is a waf test hanging for unknown reasons with MAKE_JOBS > 1.
> The main python process has 403 threads, one is in zombie/detached
> state, the others are parked from calling pthread_cond_timedwait().
> No idea under what condition a thread persists in zombie/detached
> state.

IIRC, pkgsrc python39 usually hangs (or sometimes, just times out)
in a bunch of the thread tests as invoked by `make test`, and this
is not new behavior. (See also
which dates back to 2015!)

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