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Re: pkgsrc net/tor missing torsocks dependency

On Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 02:32:27PM -0700, Jason High wrote:
> Installing tor from pkgsrc installs torify, which is a wrapper to
> torsocks.  But it doesn't look like torsocks is installed as a dependency.
> Consequently, when running torify we get
> /usr/pkg/bin/torify: torsocks not found in your PATH.  Perhaps it isn't
> installed?  (tsocks is no longer supported, for security reasons.)
> Any reason not to include torsocks as a dependency?

Not all users of net/tor need torsocks.

A comment at the top of torify says:

# This script used to call (the now deprecated) tsocks as a fallback in case
# torsocks wasn't installed.
# Now, it's just a backwards compatible shim around torsocks with reasonable
# behavior if -v/--verbose or -h/--help arguments are passed.

so it looks like this is just a wrapper around torsocks and you should
probably call that instead.

Why this is distributed with tor instead of torsocks, I'm not
sure. Perhaps because for historical reasons?

I think the error message is quite explicit, so I'd leave the
dependency out.

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