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Re: net/py-magic-wormhole: dependencies missing?

Matthias Ferdinand <> writes:

> the .tgz are attached; do I still need to get wip commit access first?

Thanks for doing that.

Well, "need" is a funny word.  It's far easier for me to deal with
things in wip than unpacking them in mail, and usually when I look at
something I have a change request (perhps not this time) and/or for
updates (vs new) a request to prepare a COMMIT_MSG.  Or sometimes I make
a fix and ask the person if they think my change was ok.  So yes, please
do sign up for wip (see the web page; it's easy).  I at least would
rather review work in wip and take it from there.

New packages  have to wait until freeze end anyway, but the 2021Q3 will
be here before you know it anyway.

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