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erlang internationaization issues: ejabberd, s2s, erlang-xmpp 1.5.3

If you use ejabberd from pkgsrc, I am curious as to your impressions of
what's ok and what isn't right now.

I am using NetBSD 9 stable amd64; the system is otherwise healthy.

With 21.04, I find that s2s connections fail with a mysterious "Remote
domain is not an IDN hostname".  The previous ejabberd in pkgsrc worked
fine with this.  (This is with names that are simple lower case ASCII

I then updated ejabberd and ejabberd-xmpp to pkgsrc-current, getting
xmpp 1.5.3, because the IDN message is in xmpp..  With that, even after
rebuilding ejabberd (full pkg_rr on a tree that's mostly 2021Q1 with
ejabberd and xmpp at trunk), I get a diferent mysterious crash:

021-06-01 10:35:01.371082-04:00 [info] <0.120.0>@ejabberd_config:load/1:82 Loading configuration from /usr/pkg/etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.yml
2021-06-01 10:35:01.386423-04:00 [critical] <0.120.0>@ejabberd_app:start/2:72 Failed to start ejabberd application: Exception occurred during configuration processing. \
This is most likely due to faulty/incompatible validator in third-party code. If you are not running any third-party code, please report the bug with ejabberd configura\
tion file attached and the following stacktrace included:
** exception error: nif_not_loaded
   in function  erlang:nif_error/1
      called as erlang:nif_error(nif_not_loaded)
   in call from jid:string_to_usr/1 (src/jid.erl, line 121)
   in call from jid:decode/1 (src/jid.erl, line 136)
   in call from econf:'-domain/0-fun-0-'/1 (src/econf.erl, line 479)
   in call from yconf:'-list/2-fun-0-'/3 (src/yconf.erl, line 542)
   in call from lists:mapfoldl/3 (lists.erl, line 1358)
   in call from yconf:'-list/2-fun-1-'/3 (src/yconf.erl, line 538)
   in call from yconf:'-non_empty/1-fun-0-'/2 (src/yconf.erl, line 523)

To me this smells like some bug deep in erlang where the NetBSD
unicode/etc. stuff is not getting used right.

Clues, confirmation, denials, appreciated,

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