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Re: editors/nvi wide-curses iconv trouble

Edgar Fuß wrote:
> The --with-curses part seems not to be strictly necessary in my case
> (and produces a pkglint warning I don't follow).

The relevant code from the package Makefile is essentially:

> CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --with-curses=${BUILDLINK_PREFIX.curses}
> .include "../../mk/"

The warning from pkglint is:

> WARN: Makefile:46:
> Buildlink identifier "curses" is not known in this package.

In this case, pkglint tries to verify that the variable
BUILDLINK_PREFIX.curses is guaranteed to be defined.  To do that, it
collects the BUILDLINK_TREE identifiers from all involved
files.  Pkglint doesn't know though that mk/ is
essentially a file with some embedded conditions.  FROM
_SYS_VARS.curses it could infer that this variable _may_ be defined, so at
least there is no typo in the variable name.

I agree that the pkglint warning is not helpful to see the real issue.  To
see the actual effects, I ran "bmake show-all-bl3 | grep PREFIX", which

> sys   BUILDLINK_PREFIX.curses                 # undefined

So indeed, the mentioned variable may or may not be defined.  I don't know
how the configure script reacts if the prefix is empty, but this is the
(intended) cause for the warning.

Surrounding the code with '.if defined(BUILDLINK_PREFIX.curses)' would
probably be a good idea here, but that won't shut up the pkglint warning.
Since this warning occurs 22 times in the whole pkgsrc tree, I need to fix


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