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Strange CONFLICTS definitions render pkgin full-upgrade impossible

Hi, everyone!

I noticed that textproc/ruby-treetop used to have a strange CONFLICTS definition:

    CONFLICTS=	ruby[1-9][0-9]-treetop-[0-9]*

Which makes the upgrade _to_ this version of the package using pkgin impossible. Pkgin reports the following error:

    $ sudo pkgin full-upgrade
    calculating dependencies...done.
    ruby25-treetop-1.6.10 (to be installed) conflicts with installed package ruby25-treetop-1.6.10.
    proceed ? [y/N]

This was actually fixed by this commit:

However I checked if there are other packages with that kind of definition left in pkgsrc and I found some:

$ find textproc -name Makefile | xargs grep ^CONFL | grep ruby
textproc/ruby-bluecloth/Makefile:CONFLICTS+=	ruby[1-9][0-9]-bluecloth-[0-9]*
textproc/ruby-rttool/Makefile:CONFLICTS+=	ruby[1-9][0-9]-rttool-*
textproc/ruby-amrita/Makefile:CONFLICTS+=	ruby[1-9][0-9]-amrita-*
textproc/ruby-maruku/Makefile:CONFLICTS+=	ruby[1-9][0-9]-maruku-*

We happen not to use those but I am quite sure they will cause the same problem with pkgin upgrade.

My question: is it just a mistake or is there some kind of good indent behind those CONFLICTS defs?

Thanks a lot!

Aleksej Lebedev

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