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Joyent macOS binary repo not being updated?

Hi, All!

It seems to me that the Joyent macOS (Darwin) trunk x86_64 binary repo

is not being updated.  Anyone know what's up?

The latest file timestamp for any package there is 2021-03-13, and the
pkg_summary file timestamps are 2021-03-07:

pkg_summary.bz2  07-Mar-2021 05:30  2897296
pkg_summary.gz   07-Mar-2021 05:30  4190104
pkg_summary.xz   07-Mar-2021 05:30  2230104

The system is Intel-based and running macOS Big Sur 11.3.1, and I did
not install a new Joyent bootstrap kit when I upgraded from Mojave to
Big Sur.

I've checked for updates with pkgin for a while, and it always says it's
up to date:

$ sudo pkgin update
processing remote summary (
database for is up-to-date

And there are never any package updates:

$ sudo pkgin upgrade
calculating dependencies...done.
nothing to do.

Thank you!


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