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Error on in install stage of uCON64.

I am the maintainer of uCON64. I noticed there is a new issue with the Darwin builds of ucon64-2.2.1nb2 at the install step on For example, in the log of Darwin 20.3.0/x86_64,
ERROR: lib/discmage.dylib: relative library path: discmage.dylib
ERROR: lib/discmage.dylib: missing library: discmage.dylib
The error messages are too cryptic to me (discmage.dylib is created successfully during the build step in the subdirectory libdiscmage). Could someone have a look, please? Or perhaps explain what I can do myself to solve this? The code builds fine on a MacBook running macOS Big Sur (outside the pkgsrc environment).
My workaround would be to *not* specify the configure option --with-libdiscmage, in order to avoid building discmage.dylib entirely, but that would require some additional changes in the build configuration of ucon64-2.2.1nb2. In other words, outside my control.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

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