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pkgsrc 2021Q4 on M1 Mac

Hi everyone,

I just bootstrapped pkgsrc-2021Q4 on macOS 11.2.3 with Xcode version 12.4.

First problem: bootstrap fails because it looks for the SDK of the
same version as macOS (macosx11.2), but only macosx11.1 is available:

% xcodebuild -showsdks
macOS SDKs:
    DriverKit 20.2                 -sdk driverkit.macosx20.2
    macOS 11.1                     -sdk macosx11.1

(This is a change from macOS 10.x which included the SDKs macosx10.x
and macosx10.(x+1).)

So I had to set the environment variable OSX_TOLERATE_SDK_SKEW=yes to
be able to bootstrap, and also set it in ~/.profile in order to build
anything even after bootstrapping.

Second problem, building devel/zlib fails:

gzread.c:35:15: error: implicit declaration of function 'read' is
invalid in C99 [-Werror,-Wimplicit-function-declaration]

I know the problem is zlib forgot to #include <unitstd.h> somewhere,
but why -Werror?

I don't have -Werror in my CFLAGS. I believe we used to be able to set
NOGCCERROR but it seems that's been replaced with a more specific
variable (_NOERROR_IMPLICIT_cmd in mk/compiler/ which we have
no control over. Can we get a NOWERROR?

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