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nextcloud, uids, permissions

I just updated a production machine to 2021Q1 (using a local binary
package set just big enough to contain what I care about).

I have had a nextcloud instance for a long time.  Originally it was
apache and mod_php and it has been nginx with php-fpm for quite a while.

After the upgrade, nextcloud was broken, and it was hard to figure out
because there were no logs.  The problem turned out to be that the
nextcloud data directory and config file were www:www, as used to work
in apache, and now I need to set them to fpm:www because the php is run
by fom.

The nextcloud files are set to APACHE_USER, and that in the package is
?= to nginx, but it's already set, on my system, and I don't think I
force it.

So while I'm straightened out, it seeems this is difficult in terms of
makin pkgsrc do the right thing.  I guess I'm not sure if different uids
for different web implementations are a good idea; it sort of feels like
they maybe all should be www, as which mechanism shouldn't necessarily
affect one's config.

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