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Re: about "www/firefox"

Kinoshita Daisuke <> writes:

> It is about the build of "www/firefox".
> I have not examined carefully, but I have an impression that the build
> of www/firefox fails under some conditions.
> It seems that the build of www/firefox fails if devel/nss is older.
> If the version of devel/nss is 3.61, the build of www/firefox fails.
> If the version of devel/nss is 3.62, the build is completed without
> any problems.
> I went through the file www/firefox/Makefile, and did not see
> statements about dependencies.
> Does www/firefox checks dependencies although Makefile does not have
> "DEPENDS" lines?
> Dependencies are explicitly stated in a file other than Makefile?

Besides what Thomas said:

  pkgsrc is generally developed with the rest of packages  up to date.

  Updating the sources of one package and trying to build it is
  basically a wrong thing to do.   Always use a consistent pkgsrc tree
  (unless you know enough to work around problems without asking for
  help, reverting to consistent as the firsr step).

  Building a package from an updated tree when installed packages are
  out of date is asking for trouble because you are operating in a way
  that most developers do not.

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