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Re: sysutils/macchina

> > How low does it have to reach before this happens? I never let my battery go under 25 - 30% so I've never experienced this.
> envstat | grep -i charge
> charge: 0.000 3.571% 1.786% Ah ( 0.00%)
> The battery of my laptop is practically dead... The space before 0.00%
> is what is causing the problem.

I see, thanks!

> > > The pull request was accepted upstream, but I have no idea how to get
> > > the modified crate.
> >
> > I've been working closely with macchina devs to have NetBSD support implemented from the very beginning, they have been very responsive.
> > I know how to patch a crate and could do it but, if the patch has already been merged, wouldn't it be better to just leave it as is?
> > Next release should be fine then.
> I'd say so, I mentioned it in case someone else hits the same.


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