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Re: Directory name collision in wip

On Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 7:59 PM Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> Jason Bacon <> writes:
> > FYI, your new wip/py-POT package collides with wip/py-pot on
> > filesystems that are not fully case-sensitive, such as MacOS and
> > Cygwin.
> I just renamed to py-OT, because I ran into this yesterday and sent mail
> about it.  I don't know what the right name is, and certainly don't
> object to another rename - I just wanted to achieve immediate
> unbreaking.
> Also, the PKGNAME is going to have to be different too, since that gets
> put in PKGDB.

I renamed py-OT back to py-POT and the conflicting package py-pot was
renamed to py-pypot since this is the correct package name.

Do let me know if this is alright.

Looks like py-pot is not building at all since the version in
pkgsrc-wip is quite old.


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