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Re: Time to update x11/xsnow?

Marc Baudoin <> writes:

> The x11/xsnow package uses the very old 1.42 version of xsnow
> from its original author (I believe it's something like 20 years
> old) which have issues with some desktop environments.
> Development of xsnow has recently been carried out by Willem
> Vermin and I've been in touch with him so that the
> soon-to-be-released version 3.1.8 should compile properly
> out-of-the-box on NetBSD.
> The current xsnow Web site is:

I and is@ have done the update to 3.2.2.

There are two patches, and it would be nice if you could get them merged
upstream.  One issue is using beyond-POSIX sed and the other is an
unusual choice of bindir.

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