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Re: Get pkgin binary package pkgsrc version

Julien Savard <> writes:

> I'm using pkgin on my old SparcStation 5 running NetBSD 9.1 sparc. I'd like
> to install "moc" however it's not available on the pkgin repository here :
> I'd like to setup my own "supplementary" repository for packages that are
> not available but I want to make sure it's compatible with the
> official packages available by NetBSD.
> According to the directory date I can see here
> I'm guessing it's pkgsrc2020Q3.
> So... is there a better way to know on which pkgsrc version (2020Q3,
> 2020Q4, etc) a pkgin binary package has been built?

There isn't a great way, as it seems the branch tag is not in the
package metadata.  But you can look at the +BUILD_VERSION file of
packages you have installed from the repo and see the RCS ids of the
pkgsrc control files, which should allow you to form a theory about
branch and validate it.

You clearly understand this, but for others the point is to check out
the same branch tag that was used for the binary build and build on an
ABI-compatible OS version, in order to make mixing packages between the
binary set and yours sane.

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