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Package binaries for NetBSD/powerpc pkgsrc-2020Q4


those of you who follow pkgsrc-bulk know that I completed a
rebuild of pkgsrc-2020Q4 for both NetBSD 8.0 and NetBSD 9.0.

The result has been uploaded, and I've switched the default 8.0,
9.0 and 9.1 packages to this upload result, and it is available

for 9.x and

The 8.0 packages lack a rust package, and any packages dependent
on that.  I manage to build rust outside of the chroot I use for
pbulk, but fail inside, and sadly haven't been able to figure
that one out.

The 8.0 binaries are 34GB / 22859 packages
the 9.0 binaries are 38GB / 23262 packages


- Håvard

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