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Re: openvpn(8) man page?

I just updated and replaced and the man page is there.

The other thing this package could perhaps use is a near-empty example
config file, just to put it in /usr/pkg/etc/openvpn.  But, that isn't
really how openvpn works as one has /usr/pkg/etc/openvpn/foo.conf to be
invoked with the config file as argument -- it doesn't have a notion of
a config file in the same way.  This is explained quite well in the rc.d
file that is installed.  So I am not in favor of dropping one in.

And, if you aren't running it from rc.d using the supplied script, you
can put your config files wherever you want, as I understand it.

(I've been sort of using it, more having set it up and tried it than
using it seriously.)

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