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profanity (0.9.5, pkgsrc-2020Q3) shows time at 1h offset


profanity 0.9.5 shows time at 1h offset (2020Q3, netbsd-9.1)

To be procise: it shows 1h offset to CET on Europe/Berlin,
1h offset to EET on Europe/Athens, 1h offset to GMT on Europe/Dublin

It does not show an offset on UTC or on Asia/Colombo

It does show -1h offset to AEDT on Australia/Melbourne

I'm tempted to think that it applies the DST decision backwards.

I checked to a Debian machine with Debian's profanity; it behaves normal
(same times as "date" on all TZs I tried.

So it looks like either a NetBSD or a pkgsrc problem.

Any ideas where to look?


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