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Re: lang/openjdk11 certificates


David Brownlee <> writes:

> On Sun, 24 Jan 2021 at 00:34, Robert Swindells <> wrote:
>> Is anyone able to use lang/openjdk11 to do any https connections ?
>> Trying to use maven with it results in an error that trustAnchors are
>> empty.
>> Using lang/openjdk8 does work.
> I think that while both openjdk8 and openjdk11 build a default set of
> certificates, only openjdk8 installs them (running up a test to try to
> add them to the openjdk11 package this end to see if it affects the
> behaviour)

I think cecerts file is installed as java/openjdk11/lib/security/cecrts,
however it is not used properly.

cecerts's password is "changeit" and it is as same as jdk's default
password, and the password should be used automatically.

If you specify the password explicitly, SSL/TLS error will disappear

$ openjdk11-java -jar josm-tested.jar

I do not find any clue to fix this problem yet.

> David

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