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Re: diff from 2021-01-18 16:26 to 2021-01-22 10:28

| Subject: Re: diff from 2021-01-18 16:26 to 2021-01-22 10:28
| Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2021 12:01:01 +0000

> --- 1. Previous success but  error at this time ---- (2)

nia> Does anyone know why libao-pulse is being picked up as the default
nia> libao output on NetBSD and causing mass fallout?

nia> See audio/libao/, this shouldn't happen.

I think the question includes two issue,
(1) why audio/libbao fails
(2) why is it picked up as default

The former (1), is sorry probably transient error, I'm afraid,
and at next run, it may succeed.
(Not sure for the relation but I've adjusted the machine time (date))

The second question: sorry, I don't know the answer

Makoto Fujiwara
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