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Re: Debian packagers also struggle with many dependencies

Had seen it and it's an interesting discussion.
But, don't we already follow some sort of principle which seems more liberal than Debian?

Rust packages come to mind and their CARGO_CRATE_DEPENDS.


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On Friday, January 22, 2021 2:29 PM, Rhialto <> wrote:

> An interesting article on LWN. If they come up with some solution (but
> so far it doesn't look like it) this could be useful for pkgsrc too.
> Debian discusses vendoring -- again
> The problems with "vendoring" in packages -- bundling dependencies
> rather than getting them from other packages -- seems to crop up
> frequently these days. We looked at Debian's concerns about
> packaging Kubernetes and its myriad of Go dependencies back in
> October. A more recent discussion in that distribution's community
> looks at another famously dependency-heavy ecosystem: JavaScript
> libraries from the npm repository. Even C-based ecosystems are not
> immune to the problem, as we saw with iproute2 and libbpf back in
> November; the discussion of vendoring seems likely to recur over the
> coming years.
> More at .
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