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Re: lang/gcc10 failed to compile on SunOS

On 19.01.2021 04:52, Hung Nguyen Gia wrote:
There is no error message printed on the screen. It just silently fail after have going for more than 2 hours. I have no idea.

Do you still have the files from the working directory?  If so, inspect
them, especially the hidden ones:

ls -lA `bmake -v WRKDIR`

The file .work.log contains the wrapper commands for the typical tools,
maybe you get a hint there.

You can also use truss(1) to narrow down the actual events and how the
build may fail in the end.  For a GCC build, it will definitely need a
lot of disk space.

Maybe you stumbled upon an old bug in bmake.  In your mk.conf, add this

    .MAKE.DIE_QUIETLY=    no


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