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Issues with courier packages


There seem to be several issues with some of the courier packages, specifically maildrop, courier-authlib, and courier-imap. The errors are happening on a clean install of NetBSD 9.1 (amd64). PKG_PATH is equal to (2020Q4)



If you install maildrop before the courier meta package, then you can't install the courier meta package because pkg_add tries to create the courier user (uid 1021) and the user already exists. "userdel courier" allows the courier meta package to be installed. (This recreates the courier user, ofc)*



1) Post install for courier-authlib fails because authldaprc.dist is missing. Creating an empty file with the correct name fixes the problem. Here's the error:

=> Generating post-install file lists
ERROR: CONF_FILES_PERMS /usr/pkgsrc/security/courier-authlib/work/.destdir/usr/pkg/share/examples/courier-authlib/authldaprc.dist does not exist.
*** Error code 1

2) Even if you build courier-authlib with ldap support, does not get installed anywhere. The files are built and are in /courier-authlib/work/courier-authlib-x.xx/.libs. Copying the libraries to /usr/pkg/lib/courier-authlib gets authlib to work correctly.



1) Starting courier with or without ssl fails with an "out of disk space" error. Commenting out the line (ulimit -v $IMAP_ULIMITD) from both /usr/pkg/sbin/imapd and /usr/pkg/sbin/imapds fixes the problem.

2) /usr/pkg/bin/couriertls is not installed and does not get built. There is a man page in /pkgsrc/mail/courier-imap/work/courier-imap-x.xx/tcpd and some tls .o files, but the executable doesn’t get built. I suppose this can be worked around with stunnel, but I'm curious as to what's going on.


The system I'm working on isn't in production, so I'm happy to test any fixes or try something and report back. Please let me know if I can provide additional information. Please CC me on all messages as I'm not subscribed to this list.


Jason M.

* OT: Is there a way to find all files not owned by a valid userid? I'm wondering if deleting the courier user so that it could be recreated caused some of the problems above.

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