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Re: rust-1.47.0 not building on sparc64

Connor McLaughlan <> writes:

> I seem to be unable to build rust-1.47.0 from pkgsrc-2020Q4.
> Any idea if i should i rather upgrade or downgrade rust to get my system
> running?

I haven't powered on my sparc64 in years, so I have no experience-based
advice.  Watching rust in pkgsrc, it's usually working  but a constant
struggle.   Just after the branch (because we don't update rust just
before!) rust was updated to 1.48 and there is a new way of making
bootstraps that have fewer dependencies.

I have no real idea about what's wrong in your case, but updating
lang/rust to pgksrc HEAD is a reasonable thing to try, and what I'd do.
You could also take lang/rust back to 2020Q3, but I'd try HEAD first.

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