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Re: Package of the month nomination

Thanks for mentioning this package because I didn't know it existed
before. I'd been using LibreOffice Draw to annotate PDFs. This is much

I found out the hard way that it uses the pdftops program from
print/poppler-utils to do the conversion from PDF to PS. Currently
there's no dependency on that package for flpsed. Perhaps that needs to
be changed?

- Dave V.

On Sun, 3 Jan 2021 11:04:04 +0100 wrote:

> Hello,
> do we still have the package of the month (or was it year)?
> I nominate print/flpsed
>         flpsed - annotate PostScript and PDF files
> It adds text annotations to Postscript files - can read in PDF, too.
> Works interactively, can do some batch processing too.
> Great for filling in PDF files with forms, even if scanned-in.
> (Much faster than gs -sDEVICE=png -sOutputFile=foo.png followed by
> e.g. xfig )
> Regards,
> 	-is

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