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Re: sysutils/xentools413: build failure @pkgsrc-2020Q4 (OCaml has been configured with -force-safe-string: -unsafe-string is not available)

Hi Matthias,

This problem is not unique to you - I'm guessing that in the new version of OCaml, the deprecated -unsafe-string option has finally been disabled by default.

You can either recompile OCaml without the -force-safe-string option, or use a newer version of xentools which doesn't use unsafe strings (which would be my recommendation).



On 2 January 2021 18:29:24 CET, Matthias Petermann <> wrote:
Hello together and all belatedly a healthy new year!

I just wanted to ask if this problem is unique to me. When building
xentools413 from pkgsrc-2020Q4 on NetBSD 9.1 (release) I get an error

gmake[7]: Entering directory
ocamldep *.mli > && mv -f .ocamldep.make
ocamlc -unsafe-string -g -w F -warn-error F -c -o xenmmap.cmi xenmmap.mli
/usr/pkg/bin/ocamlc: OCaml has been configured with -force-safe-string:
-unsafe-string is not available.
Usage: ocamlc <options> <files>

The build will abort after this writeout.

I'll take a closer look tonight. But if there is already a fix for this
and I just missed it ;-)

Kind regards

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