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Hello Mark,

Mark Felder writes:
> New to pkgsrc, so unsure if this affects multiple platforms and is known but I received this error on my M1 Mac until I installed security/py-certifi. It would probably make sense to have this as a default dependency.

AFAIK youtube-dl doesn't depends on py-certifi.

If not already present, I think that installing
mozilla-rootcerts-openssl (or mozilla-rootcerts if you prefers to
manually adjust it) should do the trick.

Can you please check that?

> Some functionality requires ffmpeg as well, so it seems odd that isn't a direct dependency either.
> [...]

There is a note in the MESSAGE regarding that (and I think that for
most extractors ffmpeg is not needed). If that is not the case or you
think the possible recommended ffmpeg dependency can be suggested in a
better way please let me know!

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