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NetBSD-current dropped all LOCALBASE support?


What happened to LOCALBASE support in the pkg tools in -current? On an updated system with 9.99.77 and a cvs updated pkgsrc tree:

pkg_admin rebuild
pkg_admin: The default PKG_DBDIR has changed, but this installation still uses the old one.
Please move the databases and re-run this command:
        mv /var/db/pkg /usr/pkg/pkgdb
        mv /var/db/pkg.refcount /usr/pkg/pkgdb.refcount

(my LOCALBASE is set to /usr/local)

mv /var/db/pkg.refcount /usr/local/pkgdb.refcount ; mv /var/db/pkg /usr/local/pkgdb
pkg_admin rebuild

Stored 0 files and 0 explicit directories from 0 packages in /usr/pkg/pkgdb/pkgdb.byfile.db.


cat /etc/mk.conf

I am so confused about how this could even get like this. If pkg tools don't work in base, then perhaps they should just be removed and NetBSD should have to bootstrap, no?

Maybe it's time for pkgsrc with 100% relative paths...


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