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Re: lang/rust still looks in /usr/pkg/

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

> Yes.  cargo depends on the library from the curl
> package, and it's a run-time dependency.  Since curl lives in the
> package installation, its library directory isn't part of the
> default search path, so it depends on embedding an rpath in the
> executable.
> I'm guessing you're using a PREFIX other than /usr/pkg?
>> What's the proper fix for this?
> Frankly, I don't quite know.
> I do know that patchelf from pkgsrc can be used to change the
> rpath in an elf executable, a'la
> patchelf --force-rpath --set-rpath $RPATH $executable
> However, that can at best be characterized as a workaround and
> not a "proper fix".  I welcome suggestions for how this should be
> done properly.

Static linking the bootstrap, probably.

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