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Re: lang/go on macOS 11.0.1/arm ("Apple Silicon")

On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 05:12:58PM -0500, Pierre Beaucamp wrote:
> I’m also very much interested in this.
> While binary bootstrapping would work, I’m unsure if such a package will be accepted? I’m under the impression that everything needs to be build from source. I wonder if it’s possible to automatically cross-compile the go14 package for Darwin / x86 and bootstrap from that instead.
> I would be happy to help with the porting effort, but this would be my first contribution to the project so please keep your expectations in check.

1. using lang/go-bin is acceptable
2. using lang/go-bin newer-than-release for one target is acceptable
3. updating lang/go115 to newer-than-release isn't acceptable, so either
we wait for a release or someone should backport the support for it.

(Or create a temporary lang/go116 or something, but I suspect this is a
harder path than backporting the support patch.)

Make sure you check the timeline of Go releases so you don't do all the
work of backporting for nothing :)


It would have been ideal if all packages could be bootstrapped without
binaries, but it's really hard to fix sometimes, and we don't want to
not offer packages until someone does the really hard work.

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