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Re: webkit-gtk and HTML5 video


It works, thank you for the perfect instructions.

Now I experience another problem:
If I click "Skip Advertisment" using Youtube the video stops and the page freezes immediately. Not even a reload is possible any more.
I can quit from vimb/luakit normally, though.

Playig a video without advertisment is fine.

Have you experienced this?



On 2020. 12. 08. 17:08, voidpin wrote:
Probably a bunch of gst-plugins1

Here's what I need for badwolf, gst-plugins1-bad gst-plugins1-good gst-plugins1-libav gst-plugins1-oss gst-plugins1-ugly gst-plugins1-x264 gst-plugins1-vpx


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On Tuesday 8 December 2020 kl. 16:52, Fekete Zoltán <> wrote:

Hi There,

I have tried a couple of webkit-gtk based lightweight browsers recently:
Luakit, Midori, badwolf, vimb

None of them is capable to play any video on major sites, youtube, etc.

The player drops a message as "Your browser does not currently recognize
any of the available video formats."

These browsers are build in pkgsrc-2020Q3 on NetBSD 9.1, amd64

Do you know what I'm missing?

Note: Firefox is working perfectly.

Thank you,


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