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importing wip/sdl-hercules-* (much newer version than emulators/hercules)

In wip, I have 5 related packages which I'd like to import into pkgsrc
    - sdl-hercules-crypto
    - sdl-hercules-decnumber
    - sdl-hercules-softfloat 
    - sdl-hercules-telnet

where the first 4 are support libraries for the last one.
This is an IBM mainframe emulator (360 through modern z/Architecture).

I have basically 2 things I'm not so sure about.

How shall I call them in pkgsrc proper?

The names are unwieldy, because (very long story short) it is a fork of
a fork of Hercules (emulators/hercules). But at the moment it is the
only version that is actively being developed.

The libraries are basically only useful for use with Hercules, so just
calling them "crypto" or "telnet" would not be a good idea.

As a second thing, the libraries have a somewhat weird build system
based on Windows, where they build both 32- and 64 bit binaries. The
decision is based on the name of the build directory you choose. So far
I've mostly ignored it and I've set for instance

BLDDIR=         ${WRKDIR}/crypto64.Release

I haven't tried yet if this messes up builds on 32 bit systems or if it
just happens to work. Maybe somebody can try and see if I need to defang
the CMake files further?

Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert -- rhialto at falu dot nl
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