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Re: [HEADS UP] pkgsrc default database directory changed

On Wed, Dec 02, 2020 at 07:25:48AM -0800, Paul Goyette wrote:
> If one adds tnn's suggested entry to /etc/mk.conf, is it also needed
> to apply uwe's update to /etc/pkgpath.conf?

The advise helps in different use cases:

If you follow tnn's advise, you'll keep using the old database
location and don't need to change anything else, since the old and new
tools will operate on the same location.

uwe's advice is needed if you do switch to the new location, and use
the pkg_install tools from pkgsrc so that the daily cronjob gets the
correct output.

If you use the new pkg_install tools from -current (updated a few
hours ago) you need neither.

> One additional series of questions:
> * should anything be changed in postinstall(8) to at least check for
>   the "correct" location?
> * should postinstall(8) attempt to fix it? (probably no)
> * should postinstall(8) "obey" the suggested changes to mk.conf and/or
>   pkgpath.conf?

IMHO postinstall should not do anything.

> Finally, I looked, and my system doesn't have any file, anywhere
> (other than in source trees) with the name ``pkg_install''.  Am I
> missing something?  I've been running pkgsrc for ~forever without
> any (apparent) issues.

/etc/pkg_install.conf (documented in pkg_install.conf(5)) is an
optional file. There is no default file installed in NetBSD.

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