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how to get uptodate source for a package


> How do I get via cvs up command the latest source code for OpenJDK11 
> package?
> In my pkgsrc I get (by using:  cd /usr/pkgsrc && cvs up -dP )
> "openjdk11-"

> but in the cvs tree there is a newer version:
> "openjdk11-"

> Since the current version of openjdk11 does not work (does not run 
> gradle),
> I would like to try the latest that's in the package source tree.

> thank you in advance

Are you on current or quarterly pkgsrc?  Your symptoms suggest quarterly.

Your "cvs up -dP" should be "cvs up -dP -A", that should switch to current.

I follow current pkgsrc, never followed quarterly.


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