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Re: Issues with newer Python versions

On 25.11.2020 22:28, Brogan Beard wrote:
I have a separate thread already where I am trying to make sure I know how
to properly report a bug. That being said, is anyone else experiencing
problems using modern Python when building certain packages? I am running
python39 and, for example, continue to receive attribute errors. I am
capable enough (I think) to tinker and fix them, but I am wondering if I should just downgrade versions. Perhaps there is a recommended *stable* version of Python for building packages from source? I am running current, so would
expect things like this to happen. Just wondering what I can do to
make my *current
*builds more stable besides fixing one-off issues here and there.

as a side note this one was very interesting discussion on related topic

There's a lot of stuff in Python 2.x, but in general I will recommend to
follow option from pkgsrc, which is 3.7 (and higher) as upstream is moving and there's not point to keep resources on this. Simply better to find and
fix issue with 3.x line then invest in 2.x line

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