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Re: First bug report - how do I gather all of the required info?

Brogan Beard writes:
> Hello,

Hello Brogan,

> I would like to report a bug that I am experiencing when building
> modular-xorg. I am filling out the info at
> How do I retrieve the
> information to answer this question - *The NetBSD release (or pkgsrc branch
> and date) where you encountered the problem:*
> Thank you.

For `The NetBSD release' the complete output of: `uname -a' should help.

Regarding pkgsrc branch or date, sharing how you checked it out the
pkgsrc tree should be enough (e.g. pkgsrc-current tree as 2020-11-25,
updated pkgsrc-2020Q3 as of today). If more details are needed they can
be shared after the PR is filled too.

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