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Re: mail/thinderbird build failure NetBSD-9.1-stable amd64

>>> > Fails compiling some rust code:
>>> I see the same on 9.99.74. It also affects security/tor-browser.
>>> I suspect rust too :)
>> tor-browser-10.0.5 builds with latest rust, so perhaps we just need to
>> wait for a new thunderbird release.
> It seems that Thunderbird 78.5.0 has a support for the latest Rust.
> I will commit 78.5.0 tonight.

Thanks for dealing with that!

And as if that wasn't enough, I saw that rust 1.48.0 was just
released.  However, it's probably best to hold off on an attempt
to update to that until after the upcoming pkgsrc branch.

That may also give me time to figure out what to do in rust
1.47.0 for powerpc to make rust to locate the -latomic library --
it currently doesn't either because it doesn't go through the
cwrapper or because it doesn't search in ${PREFIX}/lib.


- håvard

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