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Re: pkgsrc-2020Q3 potential c/c++ wrapper bugs?

On Thu, 19 Nov 2020 08:50:44 -0500
Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> Sad Clouds <> writes:
> >> # grep 'freetype/config' files/xfree.freetype2
> >> include/freetype2/freetype/config/ftconfig.h
> >> include/freetype2/freetype/config/ftheader.h
> >> include/freetype2/freetype/config/ftmodule.h
> >> include/freetype2/freetype/config/ftoption.h
> >> include/freetype2/freetype/config/ftstdlib.h
> >
> > This seems to have been fixed in pkgsrc current. Do such fixes get
> > backported to latest stable branch?
> Sometimes. Basically a developer (TNF member) can make a request for
> changes to be applied to the branch.   Bug fixes to packages can be
> pulled up, and sometimes micro versions that really only have bug
> fixes, but we don't allow ABI changes.
> If there's a fix, that often happens, and when there is a new version
> with a fix, there often isn't a fix, because itt's a lot of effort and
> mostly people are doing this because they want to.  ANd, we have a
> notion that if you submit a pullup request you must have tested it and
> are responsible for breakage.
> So, if you can identify what needs to change to the branch,
> essentially posting a series of "cvs up -jx -jy Z" lines to make the
> branch work, that would be very useful.  Even if there is no pullup
> resulting, that mesage will be useful to others.

Well pkgsrc-2020Q3 has x11-links-1.31 which seems to be somewhat broken
on NetBSD-9.1. So if anyone can backport x11-links-1.32 from
pkgsrc-current, that would fix the issue reported previously.

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