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Re: Patch: lang/python38: Fix for macOS 11 and Apple SIlicon

Hi all,

> This patch is essentially the same as the python39 one, but backported
> to python38.
> Patches consist of:
> - Upstream work:
> - Fix for to find libbz2.tbd and libz.tbd now that with the
>   shared library cache there's nothing in /usr/lib.
>   See:
> - Addition of __arch64__ case to fix _decimal module. A very similar fix
>   has since been committed upstream.
> Q: is this worth a revbump? The intention of the patch is only to
> fix the build, but the changes to the modules might warrant it.
> Goes for python39 too.

Attached a new version of the patch with the following changes:
 - (Trailing) whitespace
 - Fix warning: unused variable
 - Drop OSX->macOS text changes, just noise
 - Fix: return -1 instead of NULL in posixmodule.c
 - Fix: wrong argument in posixmodule.c

Found these while working on 3.7 (that patch already incorporates
these fixes).

> OK to commit?


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