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Re: graphics/freetype2 problem in 2020Q3

Fekete Zoltán <> writes:

> I used to upgrade my system regularly with
> pkg_rolling-replace. However I have not done a clean rebuild of
> package for long time now. There was system upgrade more than once,
> etc.

So that is not a particularly good situation, and it is outside "pkgsrc
is expected to work".

> So you recommend to use bulk build?

I recommend you have a consistent set of packages, which means, more or
less, one of:

  remove all and use pkgin from TNF builds

  do your own bulk build

  do something that is like a bulk build, such as a fresh install of 9.1
  and build packages on it, and use those.

  run pkg_rr and remove packages that aren't needed (any that are
  automatic=YES and have no depending packages)

Overall, I would say that pointing pkgin to the 2020Q3 builds and doing
something like

  pkgin update
  pkgin fug
  pkgin ar

is likely what you want.  Do a backup first!

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