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Re: www/firefox 81 opens too many files

Connor McLaughlan <> écrit :
> I get the open files problem a lot when i use kde components.
> As far as i know, this is only the possible limit you can set the
> actual value to:
> kern.maxfiles = 3404
> So 3404 is not the current value, but the max value.
> This delivers the current actie value which is likely to be 1024:
> ulimit -n
> If you set:
> ulimit -n unlimited
> then it will set the current value of possible file descriptors to the
> max value of  3404.

This is already the case.

> If you need a higher max value, then you need to recompile your kernel
> with a new standard max value.

My question was: why so many open files with Firefox 81 although
the previous versions didn't use that many files? I believe
Firefox is the issue and raising the number of open files is not
the solution.

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