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Re: (NetBSD) rust, earmv7, rsvg

Em ter, 2020-09-29 às 20:29 -0400, Greg Troxel escreveu:
Sérgio de Almeida Lenzi <
> writes:

rsvg-c works for me but I use the HEAD version of netbsd as
wifi is working in 9.99.73 

Thanks.  Do you mean also that when you had no rsvg and something
depended on it that rsvg-c was automatically chosen?
you must setup /etc/mk.conf to point to librsvg-c

than build the packages...

If you need binary packages, I can point to my dist ftp that have full mate-desktop (about 900 packages)
for amd64, i386 and now I am building mate for armv7hf (raspberry pi)

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