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new wip packages => gvfs and hal

finally I got gvfs + hal + gnome-mount to work under
the packages are in wip
the main problem with hal was that the logic used to read device-attach/device-detach
in drvctl.c got missing device from the kernel for example when a usb device
is inserted, it insert the correct sequence is umass0 -> scibus0 -> sd0...
but drvctl misses umass, and tries to attach scibus0 and than sd0... so the device
is not mounted... the solution is use devpubd that have always the correct sequence
of attach/detach... so a fifo is create and a /libexec/devpubd-hooks/03-hal pushes that
sequence in the fifo (in the /tmp/halfifo) than can than be read by hal code... in the correct
updated to 1.30.4 (last one with hal support).
basically the daemon /usr/pkg/libexec/gvfs-hal-volume-monitor is now aware to
full reload itsself using a SIG_HUP, so the devpubd upon receive data from the kernel
and after pushing it into the /tmp/halfifo, signal SIG_HUP to the gvfs-hal-volume-monitor that
reread hal-device change and calls gnome-mount to mount the device...

It works

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