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Re: gnustep-libs-gui ? (Re: wip/libs-gui (Re: top breaking package: gnustep-gui

Makoto Fujiwara <> writes:

> I've got the comment in irc as
> why not gnustep-libs-gui ?
> My response is:
> Rename or use old (existing) name ?
> Upstream did not explicitly explain as rename.
> That is one of my favor of using old name.

I think the questions are:

  is the new package, in terms of contents, just an upgrade to the old
  one?  In other words, if it had the usual name, could it have been
  released by the original upstream?

  is the original upstream non-functional?

  does the new upstream see itself as a continuation fork?

  does the rest of the world see the new upstream as a (the?) continuation fork?

  why did the new upstream change the name?

  is the name change reasoning explained in the new upstream's README,
  including guidance for packagers?

  if not, what happens if you file a bug with the new upstream that the
  name change is not explained?

I will have a look in a bit; the wip server is not reachable from me
this minute.

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